Peach Twist (Pink)


Day Bloomer

Medium Spread 4 to 6 ft.


Peach Twist is a new unique day blooming tropical water lily. Peach Twist has large bright pink flowers with lots of petals surrounding a bright yellow centre. The green pads are splashed with maroon to add some unique colour to the plant.

If you are looking for a great high petal pink tropical waterlily to add to your pond, then add Peach Twist.

Tropical water lilies should be treated as annuals. They have huge flowers (up to 12” across) and their perfume permeates throughout the entire garden. They have more blossoms and a longer blooming season than hardy varieties. Day blooming tropical lilies open from mid-morning until late afternoon and night blooming lilies open at dusk and close mid-morning. Tropical lilies should not be put into the pond until water temperatures have reached above 20 degrees C. or the young plants may become dormant.

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8" Pot, #5 Tub, #7 MWG Tub


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